TheyHelpYou - a service to help vulnerable people find support

6 April 2020.

During lockdown over the last week I’ve been working on a project with my friends @boffbowsh, @Rossehkins and @CreaFarrar. It is called TheyHelpYou and it helps put people in touch with Community Hubs.

Community Hubs are being set up across the UK to deliver food to 1.5 million people with serious medical conditions who have been told to remain indoors, or ‘shield’, because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

These extremely vulnerable people need to access support hubs to help arrange for food and medicines to be delivered. The organisation of these Hubs has been devolved down to the local council level though. And different councils have gone about it in different ways.

Some are organisation by borough, some at the county level, others by district and some at the ‘Unitary Authority’(?!) level. On top of that lots of information is buried away on councils websites, rather than readily accessible.

We hope that this site goes some way to helping people get the support they need: simple type your postcode to find which of your councils are supporting you, or your family, and how to get in touch.

Check it out, and spread the word:

PS, if you’d like to help us maintain the data, please read how to contribute on our Github page.



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