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24 May 2020     Talks
Livestream with CyberTalks

I had a chat with Naveen Vasudeva from CyberTalks this week. We covered a lot of ground, from EasyJet and the need to ‘stop, look, listen’ during breaches to what we can all learn from athletes like Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton. You can check out the recording of the live stream on

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6 April 2020     Projects
TheyHelpYou - a service to help vulnerable people find support

During lockdown over the last week I’ve been working on a project with my friends @boffbowsh, @Rossehkins and @CreaFarrar. It is called TheyHelpYou and it helps put people in touch with Community Hubs. Community Hubs are being set up across the UK to deliver food to 1.5 million people with serious medical conditions who have been told to remain indoors, or ‘shield’, because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). These extremely vulnerable people need to access support hubs to help arrange for food and medicines to be delivered.

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26 March 2020     Projects
Remote Working PSIRT

We released a resource at Cydea today that signposts vendor information for how to securely configure video conferencing, VPN and remote access tools, plus how to find security advisories so you know when to patch these systems. It’s completely open sourced under the Creative Commons Zero (CC.0) licence. Hopefully it proves useful. Please feel free to contribute, raise issues and PRs! Read more on the cydea blog, or jump straight to the remote-working-psirt repo on GitHub.

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22 March 2020     Projects
Introducing Phased Array

A privacy-focussed list of tracker domains that have been identified by DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar for use in ad blocker solutions like pi-hole. At present this is a particularly blunt tool, blocking entire domains, rather than individual trackers. This may result in ‘undesirable behaviour’, i.e. your favourite website/app may stop working. Project website: Find out more about Tracker Radar at: Find out more about Pi-hole at:

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