Robin’s Newsletter #261

18 June 2023. Volume 6, Issue 25
More MOVEit victims and a $10 million bounty on Clop. Fortinet VPN vulnerability. A couple of cool side-channel techniques.
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This week

MOVEit victims list grows; US announces $10 million bounty

Interesting stats

$91 million was extorted by LockBit from US victims, amongst at least 1,653 attacks against US victims since 2020, according to CISA.

  • Russian national Ruslan Magomedovich Astamirov, 20, was arrested in Arizona this week for allegedly playing a part in LockBit’s ransomware attacks.

300 new sites/month were added to a massive phishing campaign that impersonated 100 footwear and clothing brands… 6,000 sites were discovered by researchers at Bolster.

Other newsy bits / in brief

And finally 

Plus, a double-whammy of side-channel research this week: 


  Robin's Newsletter - Volume 6

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