Apple Tag

  •   Robin’s Newsletter #168 05/09/2021
    Focus on proxyware, patch your confluence servers, the normalisation of surveillance, and interview with a ransomware negotiator.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #165 15/08/2021
    Apple's damage-control on CSAM. Belarus' state security doxxing. Code poisoning ML models.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #164 08/08/2021
    Apple's plans to have iPhone continuously scan for child sexual abuse material are ripe for abuse.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #156 13/06/2021
    EA games source code stolen. Apple's news privacy and security features. The FBI ran An0m encrypted comms app. Ransomware thinking.
  •   WWDC21: Death. Taxes. Privacy. Tech. Law. And Economics. 13/06/2021
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #153 23/05/2021
    Lots of ransomware: Ireland's HSE will not pay. Colonial coughed up $4.4M'. But there are Technology Detection Dogs. And they're very good dogs!
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #147 11/04/2021
    Facebook's *ahem* 'data scraping' incident sets the stage for debate on responsible design and engineering. AWS bomb threat. Censorship by QoS. TUI's algorithm gender bias led to 'serious incident' calculating takeoff loads.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #143 14/03/2021
    Criminals jump on Hafnium/ProxyLogon. Hacktivists breach Verkada's 150K facial recognition cams. Apple's IP theft lawsuit. Google's Spectre exploit.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #129 06/12/2020
    TrickBot is recovering from CyberCom, Microsoft takedowns, gains UEFI/BIOS capabilities. 'Cold chain' of COVID-19 vaccine targeted. Zero-click exploit in Apple iPhone.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #126 15/11/2020
    No, Apple aren't logging every app you run, but they are brining privacy nutrition labels to AppStore. Tim Berners-Lee's Inrupt launches Solid server. Ticketmaster to appeal £1.25M data breach penalty.
  •   Robins Newsletter #97 26/04/2020
    Zero-click vulnerability in Apple's Mail app, surveillance and tracking COVID-19, UK MoD relaxes security requirements.