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  •   Robin’s Newsletter #157 — 3rd Birthday Edition 🥳 20/06/2021
    Suspected Cl0p members arrested. Ransomware is an 'urgent' threat to U.K. Balancing cyber supply and demand. And, Dear Intern...
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #150 02/05/2021
    Babuk ransomware operators demand $50M from DC police. BoJo's phone number available online. Emotet deactivated. And, burrowing beavers.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #125 08/11/2020
    Nothing cyber happened in the US election. Corporate VOIP systems being targeted. Don't pay ransomware gangs to not leak your data.
  •   Robins Newsletter #102 31/05/2020
    Cybercrime is boring; Capital One IR report isn't legally privileged; and easyJet target of £18Bn legal action.
  •   Robin's Newsletter #83 19/01/2020
    Changing the economics of cybercrime; Windows crypto vulnerability; and rival groups exploiting Citrix.