Robin's Newsletter - Volume 4 Category

Volume 4 of Robin’s Newsletter covers the year 2021.

  •   Robin’s Newsletter #170 19/09/2021
    Azure Linux VMs being compromised. OWASP Top 10 draft updates. Microsoft goes passwordless. Learning from other professions.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #169 12/09/2021
    Encryption backdoors, the NSA and Juniper. Proton Mail got served. Wireless charging side-channel attacks.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #168 05/09/2021
    Focus on proxyware, patch your confluence servers, the normalisation of surveillance, and interview with a ransomware negotiator.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #167 29/08/2021
    Microsoft's $20BN investment is on its own products, and they need the investment. Future of the UK's 'post-Brexit' data protection regime and new Information Commissioner. Samsung can remotely disable its smart TVs.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #166 22/08/2021
    T-Mobile suffers *another* data breach. Pearson settles over misleading investors. Outrage in cyber risk. Anyone can post a LinkedIn job as pretty much any company.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #165 15/08/2021
    Apple's damage-control on CSAM. Belarus' state security doxxing. Code poisoning ML models.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #164 08/08/2021
    Apple's plans to have iPhone continuously scan for child sexual abuse material are ripe for abuse.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #163 01/08/2021
    Biden's 'real shooting war' comments. Amazon's €746M GDPR fine. Iran's fake social media profiles. Phantom flotillas.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #162 25/07/2021
    China called out for state-sponsored cyber campaigns. NSO Group in the spotlight (again) for spyware. Questionable QA on Google Chrome OS update.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #161 18/07/2021
    ICO raids two properties in Hancock CCTV investigation. Another Windows printer vuln. REvil's sites offline. Identity verification isn't the answer to online abuse.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #160 11/07/2021
    More on Kaseya. The PrintNightmare continues. Farmers win 'right to repair' and Kaspersky's not-so-random number generator.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #159 04/07/2021
    Kaseya VSA used to launch 'over 1,000' ransomware attacks. Security researchers cause PrintNightmare. EU grants UK data protection adequacy decision.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #158 27/06/2021
    MITRE and NSA want to D3FEND your network. Aussie 'safety by design' toolkit. EU launches 'joint cyber unit' to coordinate 'nightmare' attacks.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #157 — 3rd Birthday Edition 🥳 20/06/2021
    Suspected Cl0p members arrested. Ransomware is an 'urgent' threat to U.K. Balancing cyber supply and demand. And, Dear Intern...
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #156 13/06/2021
    EA games source code stolen. Apple's news privacy and security features. The FBI ran An0m encrypted comms app. Ransomware thinking.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #155 06/06/2021
    The U.S. continues beef with Russian ransomware gangs. Colonial Pipeline was result of compromised creds. FireEye to divest name, products business.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #154 30/05/2021
    Flashcards reveal the location of U.S. nuclear weapons. Email security tools are working? And fingerprints from photo leads to arrest.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #153 23/05/2021
    Lots of ransomware: Ireland's HSE will not pay. Colonial coughed up $4.4M'. But there are Technology Detection Dogs. And they're very good dogs!
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #152 16/05/2021
    All the stats: it's DBIR time. Colonial Pipeline paid ransom, restored service and DarkSide disappeared. Being better at security engagement.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #151 09/05/2021
    Responsible cyber power. Colonial Pipline shut down due to ransomware. Injecting malware C2 into legitimate traffic. Authentication using a severed thumb.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #150 02/05/2021
    Babuk ransomware operators demand $50M from DC police. BoJo's phone number available online. Emotet deactivated. And, burrowing beavers.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #149 25/04/2021
    Ransomware in Apple's supply chain. Facebook seeks to 'normalise' scraping. The balkanisation of the Internet has intelligence agencies worried. Cellebrite's iPhone unlocking system is full of vulnerabilities.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #148 18/04/2021
    FBI gets a warrant to fix Hafnium web shells, becomes an MSSP. Sanctions for Russia over SolarWinds. Plus you cheddar believe there are some cheese puns.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #147 11/04/2021
    Facebook's *ahem* 'data scraping' incident sets the stage for debate on responsible design and engineering. AWS bomb threat. Censorship by QoS. TUI's algorithm gender bias led to 'serious incident' calculating takeoff loads.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #146 04/04/2021
    The long-tail of ransomware recovery. PHP source code compromise. Exploiting 'safe' file formats. Risk margins and early risk management decisions.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #145 28/03/2021
    FatFace IR comms 'confidential' while loosing 200GB data. Cyber insurer CNA may have been targeted for policy info. OSINT on the Ever Given.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #144 21/03/2021
    Rerouting a victims SMS for $16. UK defence review: nuclear response for cyber attack. Who is buying all the data generated by your car?
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #143 14/03/2021
    Criminals jump on Hafnium/ProxyLogon. Hacktivists breach Verkada's 150K facial recognition cams. Apple's IP theft lawsuit. Google's Spectre exploit.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #142 07/03/2021
    Hafnium mass-exploitation of Microsoft Exchange servers. Google, Alliaz and MunichRe team up on cloud cyber insurance. Bitflipping may be more common than you think.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #141 28/02/2021
    IABs charge just $7,100 for access to victims networks. Accellion file transfer appliances popped left, right, centre. Former SolarWinds CEO says it is all the interns fault.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #140 21/02/2021
    Microsoft source code stolen by Russia in Solorigate attack. France uncovers campaign targeting IT providers. SIEM & ATT&CK. And Citibank's $500M UI gaff.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #139 14/02/2021
    Dependency confusion: all up in your package manager and automated build process. Florida water treatment plant compromised. Details of cyber-attacks on Isis. Bloomberg back again with The ~~Big~~ Long Hack.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #138 07/02/2021
    SolarWinds caught up in second campaign against U.S. gov tied to China. Plus an interview with a ransomware operator and Canada declares Clearview AI is 'illegal'.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #137 31/01/2021
    Law enforcement's Emotet takedown and NetWalker leak site seized. Got root? Sudo vuln will get you there. North Korea goes after security researchers for 0-day.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #136 24/01/2021
    Malwarebytes compromised in Solorigate; German company fined for video surveillance of staff; Intel publish financial results early due to leaked info
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #135 17/01/2021
    WhatsApp bungles privacy policy update; U.K. police unintentionally delete 213,000 records; and 'imposing costs' the 'Brexit means Brexit' or cyber.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #134 10/01/2021
    Cyber implications of the Capitol insurrection. Solorigate 'likely' the work of Russia. SolarWinds hires Krebs Stamos Group. Microsoft throws some shade.
  •   Robin’s Newsletter #133 03/01/2021
    Microsoft source code accessed in Solorigate attack. Plus advice on buying and selling second-hand devices from NCSC. And how much does cybercrime cost Russia?